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I'm a little slow. To put it metaphorically - whenever I become interested in something new, I have to hail a cab, point at the tiny speck off in the distance, and shout,

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owenism: eeveetofu: And yes, I admit. Sometimes while I’m reading TOY I feel...


And yes, I admit. Sometimes while I’m reading TOY I feel like jumping into a character’s shoes and writing out an inner monologue for any particular scene. Hell, I probably will at some point, post it on Yaoify-Everything, throw it at Suzana&Owen, and be like “HEY YOU WANT ME TO BURN THIS OR WHAT,” cause that’s just what I do. Gratuitous sex? No. I’m leaving that to my own characters.


I can tell you already what we’ll say.

Please. Don’t.

Go ahead and burn it in advance, we don’t want it. In fact, we see people do shit like this and it makes us tempted to change canon just to show we know our characters inside and out much better than anyone else could.

I understand you’re defending both sides, but PLEASE respect what side we’re on. Don’t use our OCs for your fanfiction. 

We guarantee we’ll hate it.

dude chill.

that was a bit of self-deprecating humor that i guess just went way too far. i’m just making fun of myself because everyone who knows me knows that i joke about writing fanfiction for EVERYTHING. 90% of it never even comes to fruition.

so just cool your jets man okay? you say you don’t want fanfics, i won’t make ‘em. simple as that. i do not condone the practice of non-consensual fanfic-ing. that shit’s basically literary rape.

tl;dr sorry if i ruffled your feathers. you guys just keep doing what you do, and i’ll keep following you and occasionally getting drunk and leaving rants like this on tumblr. maybe i’ll spit out some fanart. that’s still acceptable, right? oAo *hides under rock*

also this wouldn’t reblog correctly so i had to like copy and paste everything